Working with a ‘Whole Person’ approach, we look to ensure business owners consider themselves when making
business decisions.

Creating an understanding of what is important to the business owner, and how they show up at their best.

Like a Sherpa to a mountain climber, we seek to understand what the top of their personal mountain looks
like and prepare them for the journey remembering a Sherpa’s first focus on any climb is the wellbeing of
the climber.

Financial advisory

Not forgetting that the business owners have a business to run and build, we work alongside them as part time Finance Directors, operating in both an advisory and executive capactiy.

Having worked with business owners to design their pesonal goals, we are able support and help to design and execute their business plan, whilst supporting them to make informed and insightful financial decisions.

Like a Sherpa to a mountain climber, we make the climb with you.

Financial services

Building a business needs strong, robust, flexible financial control, financial information and cash management that informs for decision making.

Offering a service of financial control, we are able to provide the financial information a business owner requires to understand and negative their journey, presented in a way that works for them.

Whilst providing the necessary financial control, we can also look to leave these skills in the business by training and developing those involved.