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Inspiring your journey

We help inspire small and medium business owners to navigate the journey to achieving their vision. We believe that business growth comes from personal growth. If you are open to learning, engaged, culturally aligned, people focused and looking to grow then we are allied.

Agnentis Partners typically help business owners of companies with £1m to £12m turnover. We are sector agnostic, focusing instead on the individual business owner’s needs rather than industries or business lifestage. Be reassured however that when it comes to the experience and operational expertise to help you deliver your plan, we cover all business disciplines. We have a strong focus on finance, people and commercial proposition, where businesses often have the greatest need.

A pragmatic approach
at a pace that suits you

Emotions are expected

In fact – we encourage it. After all you wouldn’t have achieved what you’ve achieved so far without passion. Prepare to be challenged to show more.

“If I’d known this level of expertise was available to a small business owner I’d have jumped at it years ago and been much further ahead in my journey by now”

Leon Penny, business owner turned Agnentis Partner.