For many years, I have engaged with interest in working with small medium business owners. Seeking to really understand their businesses. Not simply just at the commercial level but to really comprehend how they link their business vision with their own personal experience and development. To see how a person grows alongside their business.

Working with small medium business owners, I have been fortunate to have been part of many personal journeys. Seeing people increasing in confidence and enjoying their own personal growth, as they develop their understanding and take positive actions to achieve their business objectives.  Different business owners have needed different support. They’ve learnt and experienced things in different ways. Some I’ve coached and for others a more practical hands-on, co-working approach has been needed.

My conclusion is that your business will grow as much as you, the individual, grows.  The more you develop your own potential, the greater the potential is for you to achieve your business vision.  The two are linked, they are not, as many believe, mutually exclusive.

You are your company’s greatest asset.

The areas where personal growth and understanding increase the potential for success of achieving your business vision are;

  • Understanding your own personal journey.
  • Understanding your own Why; your own purpose.
  • Understanding your own values; who are you.

Understanding your own personal journey

Taking the time to understand your own personal journey is essential for small medium business owners.  Your experiences, both personal and professional have shaped the individual you are today. The many baptisms of fire that you will have experienced over the years form the basis of your beliefs. They influence how you will make decisions and provide the energy for achieving the vision you aspire to.

Throughout my own career, I have been driven by always finding that glass ceiling being just a bit too low and never quite achieving my potential.  This drives me today to push through those same glass ceilings and support others to do so, Partners and Clients alike.  By doing this we grow as individuals, understanding who we are and what we truly can achieve.

Understanding your own Why

For small medium business owners, their Why is the business’ Why. Yet, how many of us take the time to truly understand our own purpose, our own intent, our own, Why? We’re so caught up in the need to sell, the need to deliver, that so many of us take little time to reflect on the reason why we started our businesses in the first place.

By reconnecting with our own Why, we can focus our energies and efforts to grow our business with a vision, aspiration and energy to achieve something special.  To achieve those original hopes and dreams we had when we started out.

Understanding our Values

As we grow personally, and as we look to grow our businesses we need a compass. Something to refer to when we are lost or confused.  Growing as individuals, as business owners and as Companies is challenging. It will take us into areas beyond our current comfort zones.

When we reach those places, those forks in the road which we will inevitably face. Our compass will guide us and lead us in the direction we have set. So when we are lost (and there will be times) we will have a way of getting ourselves back in the right direction again.

Knowing who we are, developing and growing our own personal potential, enables us to achieve our business vision.  Are you ready to grow yourself, to grow your business?