It is a cliqué however, people quote “there is no ‘I’ in team” for a reason. Having just spent a weekend watching a junior football tournament the phrase was never more appropriate. This weekend every club was asked to play mixed ability teams. Players were randomly allocated teams and proceedings began.

Faced with unfamiliar team mates, almost to a boy, players reverted to trying to win the game themselves. Passing seemed to be forgotten in favour of a head-down surge for goal; single minded pursuit to score.  For some of the very best that proved enough, however for 95% of the others the result was balls into touch or spurned opportunities and a succession of low scoring games or goalless draws.

As a spectator, it appeared that players had regressed a couple of seasons rather than improved. The same players that were unbeaten across their three teams throughout the year were simply 7 individuals united by the same kit. Faced with unfamiliar teammates players forgot or lost the ability to work together to create something bigger and more successful than the individual parts. Everyone, tried to play in every position, despite the coaches instructions. In one case two players from the same team tackled each other to get a chance to shoot.

Today’s, frustrating experience made me reflect upon the lessons sport teaches us. Whether, it is junior football, village cricket or team cycling; you need a common ethos in which everyone knows their role and pulls together for collective success.

Working as partners to business owners Agnentis adopt a team approach to support them across Finance, Brand, People and Culture. Although we can advise across the entire business no one person who can do all four jobs effectively as the team. In fact, is it best that they don’t, as having four people taking turns when needed, widens the experience base and provides many more heads to support a business owner.

Agnentis Partners is perhaps akin to the cycling team pursuit; 4 team members working together, using great teamwork to share the load and accelerate as the race progresses. No one team member is carrying the load alone, and the strength in numbers helps to increase the speed and maintain the intensity. When applied to a business needing performance enhancements, this approach can really add momentum to a business owner looking to realise their vision.

As the race progresses and the vision becomes closer, members of the team pursuit drop away. We adopt the same approach in business, as problems are solved and business capability develops an Agnentis Partner team member can drop off too. Being replaced by a new member of the business’ own team. So if your current performance is sub optimal, and beset by punctures feel free to call in an Agnentis Partner to help you get your team up to pace.