3 defining habits of successful young leaders

Young business leaders have a habit of making things look easy sometimes. Whether it’s Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, who founded the business at the age of 27, or Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft when he was only 20, business seems to be kind to those who are not afraid to throw caution to the wind early in their careers.

In reality, age isn’t the key factor in their success – it’s a combination of the habits they have ingrained into the way they work.

Here are three of the habits which can play a crucial part in a young business leader’s ability to come out on top:

1. Reach out to experienced heads

The best advice you can get is from individuals who have been there and done it in the game you are trying to be successful in. To get advice that will genuinely help you and your business, though, you need to build up a meaningful relationship with these people so that they understand your personal and professional vision. Otherwise, you’ll just be getting generalised advice, which is neither here nor there.

2. Forever remain a business student

Business and the technology that dictates it moves at such a quick pace – you can’t afford to fall behind the curve. Living in a perpetual state of learning will ensure you keep up with best practices and new innovations that emerge. So, always have a business book on the go, attend conferences relevant to your industry and follow smart people on social media.

3. Stay humble

As success takes hold, it can be difficult to remain humble. But for the sake of your business – and the people around you, frankly – try to do so. Research from the Harvard Business Review suggests humble leaders – those who are able to “access his or her strengths and weaknesses” – tend to be more effective.

Sometimes it pays to have somebody objective tease out your strengths and weakness – or the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Agnentis Partners has an experienced team of business owners who are prepared to give you as much time as you need to become ready to move forward and achieve.

Being a business owner is a lot to bear – especially on young shoulders. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to carry that weight alone. In fact, you shouldn’t if you want to realise your vision.

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