Leaders really can be made

I’ve never really bought into the idea that leaders are born, not made. Over the years, I’ve helped a number of business leaders, who were questioning their leadership qualities, become motivational figures within their organisation. In fact, I’d go as far to argue that most leaders have to work on their management skills to some extent.

For most people, leadership doesn’t come easy – but to say that they will never become a good or a great leader is to underestimate people’s ability to grow and adapt to new roles impressed upon them.

Many well-known business leaders have benefited from being thrust into the public spotlight, which has afforded them with the opportunity to test out management styles to see which ones hit home.

As Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation, said in an article for City A.M.: “Meanwhile, successful entrepreneurs gets no such exercise.”

She goes on to highlight Professor Tim Dafforn’s review of entrepreneurship, which will be included in the government’s Industrial Strategy, where he identifies the key issues small business owners most need help with – it points to leadership and management.

Jones says that while business owners are “passionate individuals who are brilliant at what they do”, they might not always feel at ease managing people. But it’s often this bit that can take a business “from good to great”, she stresses.

That’s not to put business owners down, of course – they often have to learn on the job and in their spare time. But for those who want to take their business to the next level, they will need to ensure that their leadership skills are fitting for the upscale in operations.

Working with Agnentis Partners will help you develop a leadership style that is right for you – one that matches your personality and strengths. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions – we tailor our approach based on what you tell us. It all starts with an informal chat over coffee and cake.

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