4 ways to turn for leadership support

We’ve spoken before about how going it alone in business can prove to be a lonely voyage – but that there are ways to avoid feeling like there is nobody to turn to for help and support. In this blog, I wanted to highlight where leaders can find support and how reaching out to those people can add value.

If your instincts tell you that you don’t need anyone to be a success, listen to those who already are successful in the business world – like Richard Branson: “Going it alone is an admirable, but foolhardy and highly flawed approach to taking on the world.”

So, who should you turn to for guidance and support?

1. Your nearest and dearest

You might think that keeping your work life and your home life separate is a healthy way to live. But as a business leader, it’s impossible to just leave work at the front door. Try as you might, you won’t be able to escape thoughts about the day you’ve just had and what tomorrow might bring. The best way to get out of your own head is to talk to those who you are closest to, who can act as a soundboard for ideas and a shoulder to lean on. They might just surprise you with their advice…

2. Mentors and experts

What’s people’s perception of you as a leader? You know what you want them to think, but what do they actually think? A mentor can enlighten you on how to become the leader that you desire to be. Perhaps you’re showing the strain of leading a business to your team? Find a mentor that can take on some of that responsibility for a while, as well as offer practical guidance on how to be a better leader.

3. A business buddy

It’s both reassuring and helpful to have the ear of someone who has ‘been there, done it’ in business. Finding a buddy who has sailed in the same waters that you are now ferrying affords you the opportunity to ask “Is this normal?” and “What do I need to do to?”. They can also ask the same questions to you when they feel the need, making for a mutually beneficial relationship.

4. The business community

The Agnentis partners are big believers in the power of business communities – everybody helping each other out so that all within the community achieve success. If you operate in a shared space with other businesses, you might already be aware of the value of collaboration. But, if you don’t, it can be difficult to build a business community – it’s all about creating some space in your diary to get out and meet people at events, sharing experiences with kindred spirits.

Agnentis Partners can introduce you to a business community of people just like you – whilst also serving the role of mentor and business buddy!

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