How business owners are coping with the pre-Christmas rush

Small business owners and leaders really do earn their Christmas and New Year break more than most. It feels like we spend nearly the whole of December trying to ensure that we can have some time off in the Christmas week without worrying about what greets us on the other side.

A new study reveals exactly where UK business owners are investing their time over the next week – it will come as no surprise to hear that keeping customers and clients happy and informed is near the top of the priority list.

The research by locker manufacturer Action Storage saw 1,000 UK business owners quizzed. More than half of them (54%) said the focus was on ensuring urgent tasks/projects are all wrapped up – so that they actually have some time to wrap some presents before the big day.

The next pre-Christmas task is to communicate important information to customers and clients, from offer and order deadlines to seasonal opening hours. Another top priority is to strategically manage seasonal staff resource, with a third of owners making this a focus. Younger owners, however, felt this needs greater prioritisation, with 44% of respondents under 25 listing it as a key concern.

The Christmas period also represents a good time to give the office a deep clean – stated by 29% of owners. But, this might just be a case of owners being a little optimistic – it’s nice to think we’ll have a spare day to spruce our desks, but, unfortunately, we usually find something ‘better’ to do.

The other priority for owners is making sure cash flow is looking healthy. If you’re planning to pay staff early this Christmas, it makes sense – for reasons of cash flow – to chase up client invoices.

Some business owners are really ambitious and are hoping to be able to prepare their January schedule before they sign off for Christmas.

While we are advocates of the ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ philosophy, we understand that it can be difficult to organise your life in such a way when you’re a business owner or leader. However, if you’re not thinking clearly, your business could ultimately suffer.

Agnentis Partners can help bring some clarity to your thinking. We see your business through your eyes and help you achieve a balance between your personal and professional vision. Drop me a message to find out more – or set yourself a reminder to do so once the Christmas rush has died down!

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