Agnentis Partners have a personal and professional interest in the success and happiness of you and your business.

We build a trusted partnership based upon core values and a whole person perspective. We support business owners to create the environment to achieve results through advice, strategy and operational implementation, always seeking to build skills to leave a lasting legacy.


Recognising the importance of aligning our personal and professional lives in pursuit of our aspirations.


Working together to overcome challenges and achieve a common purpose.


Identifying with the feelings and situations of others, seeing things clearly from their perspective.


Demonstrating a deep and genuine concern for the well-being and welfare of others.

Learning & Fun

Enjoyable and challenging, being curious and having fun.

Our Expertise

Every Agnentis Partner has 20 years experience of both large corporate and business ownership. They have individual specialisms, so can roll up their sleeves and deliver work but they also coach and support business owners in their own development.

Coaching & Development

Personal development to company education.


Personal and organisational vision to commercial execution.

People & Culture

Employee recognition to organisational design.


Business planning to cash-flow management.

Brand & Engagement

Proposition development to client relationship management.

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